Serving hundreds of Jewish students in close to ten of the city's arts and music programs, Chabad combines traditional Jewish programming with innovative arts projects. With family-style Shabbat meals and thought-provoking learning opportunities, Chabad is the place for Jewish arts students to connect with Judaism and express their artistic abilities.

Thanks to Chabad, students at the University of the Arts, , Moore College of Art and Design, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Curtis Institute of Music, the Art Institute of Philadelphia, and others finally have a place to hear the shofar on Rosh Hashanah and eat matzah at a Passover Seder. At city schools that lack campus life and even student unions, Chabad is the only space devoted to Jewish life for students in Center City. 

The Kugel Collaborative: A Jewish Student Arts Space opened its doors in February 2012 in the heart of Center City, Philadelphia.  A true 21st century communal space for Generation Y, The Kugel Collaborative serves as a space where the arts students of Center City can pray, study, celebrate Jewish holidays, and connect their respective art forms to Torah!

The gallery, located at 1631-33 South Street, was made possible through the incredible generosity of the Rohr Foundation of New York, as well as our many supporters in the Philadelphia region.

The exhibitions serve to explore the expression of Jewish identity through the arts and blaze a new trail in what a Jewish communal space can encompass in modern times. The exhibitions are curated by the students in conjunction with Rabbi Daniel and Reuvena Leah Grodnitzky. Featured exhibitions have included: The Art of Joy, Passover at Chagal's Seder Table, and a Philadelphia Exposé.

The Kugel Collaborative features the 'Borowsky Film Room & Library' where students gather to watch films about Judaism, Israel, and to share their own work with their peers.  The library hosts weekly classes on Jewish mysticism in addition its use as a general event space.

To contact Rabbi Doniel please call 215.593.8264 or e-mail him at ChabadArts@gmail.com.